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A home purchase is much too important to leave to chance. Also having knowledge of one area doesn’t help much when moving to another. Prices and values vary widely from one area to another and even one neighborhood to another. That’s why a prudent investor should recognize the importance of securing the assistance of a knowledgeable local Realtor. Remember even your primary residence is a serious investment.

As your agent in any purchase, I will offer my opinions and advise based on having lived in this area 28 years and having had two successful businesses. One of these businesses being a real estate brokerage for the past 16 years. Notice I used the terms advise and opinions. Ultimately all decisions have to be yours, I truly understand that. I simply facilitate your decisions. My job, as I see it, is to inform you of your options based on current markets, land values, home values, local codes and restrictions, plus tax and financial information pertinent to this area. We will also assist with a local real estate attorney if needed.

Being well informed will enable you to decide what property is best for you. You will purchase it for the cheapest price with the fewest problems in the shortest period of time.

We have access to all the local real estate inventory through the local MLS and use all the forms and documents required to complete the transaction through closing.

Please let us represent you in your next Venice real estate search. Of course we can offer references when requested. We want and appreciate your business. As your agent, I will take my fiduciary seriously.

Chuck McCormick
Licensed Florida real estate broker , GRI

Hobbies include:

  • Dancing (wife insistence)
  • Boating (am licensed boat captain)
  • Fishing (have previously owned a commercial boat)
  • Scuba diving
  • Flying (instructor and own small plane)
  • Billiard (own table, but I’m not very good)
  • Stain glass (also with wife encouragement)
  • Being your agent (with my encouragement)

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